Social Impact

Equatorial countries like Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya receive high solar radiation, but receive less solar investment compared to countries further from the equator.
Cryptocurrencies provide financial inclusion to people without access to traditional banking systems in low-income countries. Many lack bank accounts, which can hinder participation in economic activity or accessing financial services like loans or insurance.
and Control
Cryptocurrencies allow individuals in low-income countries to avoid corrupt or inefficient financial systems. By holding their own wallets, they have control over their funds and can transact directly with others.
Job Creation
and Economic Growth
The adoption of cryptocurrencies in low-income countries can create jobs in mining, development, and consulting. It can also stimulate economic growth by enabling easier transactions, leading to new trade opportunities and job creation.
Make it
right and reasonable
In low-income countries, solar power may not be financially incentivized or supported by the government. In the absence of favorable policies like tax credits or feed-in tariffs, solar projects may struggle to compete with fossil fuels and other sources of energy.
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