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Blockchain innovation for a better future
SUNX is the world's first zero carbon cryptocurrency that harnesses the power of the sun. We believe that it's possible to make a positive impact on the planet while also providing cutting-edge technology solutions for the future.

Trustworthy Sharing


Clean Block Creation


Offline Mining

Offline Mining

Environment Data


Taking Step to
Net Zero Carbon by 2030 Targets
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SUNX Miners
CLEAN ENERGY Miners/Seeders involves the use of solar technology, eliminating the need for grid electricity.
NETWORK OF SENSORS Seeders provide a comprehensive picture of environmental conditions in a given area.
MICRO INVESTMENT Encourage economic development by promoting carbon-neutral blockchain technology.
Trustworthy Sharing
Mining devices witness the blocks that occur every minute on the SUNX blockchain with sensor data. In this way, the blocks of the SUNX blockchain are signed with environmental data. The longer mining devices can remain active, the more they participate in the signing process. In each newly formed block, rewards are distributed equally to all miners witnessing in that block.
Solar Coverage
Mining devices are optimized in accordance with the sunlight values of the whole world. It has a high coverage area thanks to different solar panel options. With the purchasing engine, you can find the most suitable SUNX mining devices according to the parameters of your region. Various accessories can increase your activation time under the sun.
A.I. PoE Protection
Thanks to the machine learning aspect of the mechanism, it is determined whether the data collected by mining devices has been acquired using solar energy. Data from devices that pass this test are recorded in blocks. This process enhances reliability by subjecting all incoming data to new tests involving artificial intelligence elements, thus preventing potential abuse.
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The SUNX network boasts validation by a multitude of independent nodes, guaranteeing the security of your data. Immerse yourself in the swiftness and efficiency of SUNX, achieving a remarkable 1000 transactions per second (TPS).
Network Fee
Experience seamless transactions with SUNX blockchain technology, featuring ultra-low transaction fees. Say goodbye to exorbitant costs—our platform ensures minimal expenses for sending and processing transactions.
Carbon Impact
All transfer processes have a true zero-carbon effect on nature. All distributed network elements run on solar energy. Also, proof of expose mechanism validates that all operations are done by solar energy.
Phase #2 | More to come
Phase #2 and Phase #3 are a wide ecosystem is being built entirely on solar energy AND SUNX Blockchain.
Build customized cities by transferring virtual solar power to your own land. You can sell your uniquely formed buildings as NFTs
Data Services
The service that the data collected by the miners and stored in the blockchain and the indicators created with this data will be sold as a data service.
Clean Exchange
An exchange where blockchain and crypto money projects, established with a focus on green energy, can be traded with zero carbon emissions
If you want to read more and review all technologies, you can browse the docs and also follow up on relevant reports periodically prepared by SUNX Impact & Innovation team.
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28 February 2023
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Greenwashing: Why does it matter?
01 March 2023
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