Their diverse backgrounds, ranging from blockchain development and cybersecurity to finance and sustainability, ensure a well-rounded perspective that fuels our project's growth.
We are grateful for their commitment to shaping the future of blockchain and their dedication to our project's mission.
Armagan OZSOY
Software Development
HI-TECH Engineering
Technology / Electronics
Statistical Research
Data Governance / Data Analysis
Furkan OZCAN
Corporate Growth
Partnership & Channel Development
Impact & Innovation
Policy Analysis
Alper Kemal DOGAN
Sustainability & Climate
Industry Applications
International Trade
Sales and Marketing
Mehmet Ali ARSAN
Creative / Marketing
Brand Communication
Business Development
Finance Management
Batuhan ESER
International Energy Law

Comprising brilliant minds with a shared passion for cutting-edge solutions, our providers are the driving force behind the realization of the vision.
With a deep-rooted commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting impeccable code, they consistently transform ideas into tangible, user-centric products. Their diverse skill sets, ranging from front-end and back-end development to smart contract creation, ensure a holistic approach to every project we undertake. Our providers remains at the forefront of emerging technologies, propelling our project to new heights of excellence. ONO Software provides technology and software services.


SUNE Foundation is the custodian of all digital assets within the SUNX project. We firmly believe that a robust foundation serves as the cornerstone for sustainability and future impact in any endeavor. Our project's foundation goes beyond being a mere starting point – it represents a meticulously crafted framework that influences every facet of our operations.
By establishing clear principles, core values, and a forward-looking vision, this foundation acts as our North Star, guiding us through the ever-evolving landscape of technology and trends. This adaptability is not just a luxury; it's essential to meet the needs of today while laying the groundwork for tomorrow. In building trust and credibility, we're creating a foundation that encourages the formation of a vibrant and engaged community. Your trust matters, and our commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that we uphold your faith in our journey. Moreover, our foundation's resilience equips us to tackle challenges head-on, learning from setbacks and growing stronger with each hurdle. Extensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies are an integral part of our foundation, bolstering our ability to navigate uncertainties. As users, you're not just beneficiaries of our foundation – you're an integral part of it. Your involvement, feedback, and support contribute to the project's legacy. By sharing our foundation's principles with you, we invite you to join us in shaping a decentralized, innovative, and secure future. Together, we're not just embracing the present opportunities, but laying the groundwork for sustained success that will resonate for years to come.

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