Innovative Proof Mechanism

SUNX Blockchain checks and guarantees that miners are operating under the sun with machine learning.
Miner Distribution will start on June 2024 and presale buyers will be distributed primarily
Proof of Expose
By using a miner device solar panel as a sensor, SUNX Blockchain can monitor exposure time under the sun and validate that the miner is powered by solar energy. SUNX A.I. idealize the solar panel data to verify solar exposure. This verification process ensures that the miner device is operating in an environmentally sustainable way, without relying on non-renewable sources of energy.
SUNX Blockchain block creation algorithm is designed to store and secure miners' sensor data. This provides a new aspect of how we integrate information with the real world. This means that the platform is able to capture and store environmental data in real-time, providing valuable insights into the natural world that were previously difficult or impossible to obtain.
Offline Mining
The transaction owner consents to a delayed execution of the transaction, they receive a share of the distributed block reward. This share of the block reward is paid to the transaction owner as interest on the money they are keeping in the network, and serves as an incentive for them to participate in the network and help to secure it by keeping their funds in it for a certain period of time.
eBlocks is an innovative platform that uses blockchain technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of environmental sensor data. By signing data according to location and using confirmation by nearby miner devices, the platform is able to provide a comprehensive and reliable picture of environmental conditions, which can inform a range of important decisions and actions.
Comprehensive picture of environmental condition

When multiple miner devices in close proximity to each other confirm the same data point, this provides a high degree of confidence that the data is accurate.
Make it
right and resoanable
In low-income countries, solar power may not be financially incentivized or supported by the government. In the absence of favorable policies like tax credits or feed-in tariffs, solar projects may struggle to compete with fossil fuels and other sources of energy.
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